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Boiler & Central Heating Installations

The UK government are looking to stop gas boiler installations by 2035, and we will also be moving to greener heating alternatives.

Until then, we will continue to install gas boilers for all our customers.

KCC are Ideal MAX Accredited so can provide additional warranty years to specified Ideal boilers.

We are able to fit any make of domestic & light-commercial gas boiler

Boiler pic.jpg

Here at KCC, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the full service.

Our installations will always be completed in accordance with current regulations, including:

  • an appropriate flush of the system - making sure your system is clean to protect the new boiler.

  • magnetic filter device - catching debris flowing through the system before it infiltrates your new boiler.

  • scale reducer - protects systems against the damage caused by hard water and limescale.

  • Boiler controls - helping to programme your heating.

  • Building Regulations Compliance & Warranty Certification

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