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KCC Team Customer Care

Our principal aim is to provide customers with the very best level of service that can be expected. We will strive to ensure complete satisfaction and to achieve this we are committed to our Customer Care Policy for all our jobs.

  • Have an honest, transparent, fair & polite approach with customers.

  • Be trustworthy and reliable and respect confidentiality.

  • Consider the customer’s needs and environment and provide the appropriate care.

  • Keep appointments on time and respond quickly and in a helpful manner.

  • Arrive and finish at the agreed times. Keep customers aware if any changes to schedule.

  • Look professional, wearing appropriate clothing which should always be clean and presentable.

  • Always deliver what we say we will, with minimum disruption.

  • Meet our deadlines and keep the customer informed of progress.

  • When we cannot provide exactly what someone wants, be innovative and suggest alternatives.

  • If an unfortunate incident arises ensure customer is safe in the knowledge that it will be put right.

  • Be open to feedback.

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